Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Proper Way to Eat Chips!

Face it, unless you're at a social gathering, you're eating your chips straight outta the bag! This can be bad enough when you're eating alone - you're rolling up your sleeve, avoiding greasy knuckles - let alone when your sharing the bag - adding a second hand to the equation, or even worse, a third! All of a sudden it stops being about eating chips and your instincts force you into survival of the fittest (fattest?!) - rules are out the window, and mess is an afterthought as you fight your way to eating the most chips of everyone involved.

Now, suppose I told you there was a better way? An easier way to indulge your love of tasty potato chips? A superior way to share with a friend, without (God forbid?!) dirtying a bowl! Suppose I were to share a little tip - something I learned from my chip-loving father? Suppose I introduced you to a little technique that will forever change the way you eat a bag of chips?! Behold, The Goblet!


Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for any weight-gain resulting from use of this technique! Use at your own risk.

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