Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween 'Finger' Food!!

To me, one of the biggest challenges at Halloween (aside from eating all the treats before giving them out) is coming up with new, 'cool looking' treats to serve at our party. In our 8 years of annual extravaganzas, we've learned that salty trumps sweet and people gravitate towards the dips and chips vs. the cookies and cakes. This may be a little different at kid parties, or work parties, but when there's alcohol involved, there's definitely a greater interest in savory.

Despite this, you're pretty hard-pressed to find a savory recipe anywhere, that looks good on its own - that is, it looks good without a name tag explaining what it's supposed to be. If I have to stick a toothpick in something explaining it, it's not as fun to me, I want to look at it and be grossed out/amazed right away! This year's new treat requirements also included the ability to be served cold, quick to prep and it couldn't be a dip (I already had 3 planned) - bonus points if it was cheap!

Somehow, thanks to Pinterest, I found a winner!! Thankfully, it's still okay to have high standards for Halloween treats! ;) Behold... Halloween 'Finger' Food!

  • 24 pack of Wieners OR Cocktail Wieners (as recommended in the original post I found)
  • 1 small Onion cut into fingernail size pieces... it's explained below :)


1) First start by cutting each wiener in half at varying points. The original post called for cocktail wienies, but I couldn't find any (apparently they're typically stocked near Christmas). I actually prefer this option just because you have the freedom to create different size fingers and stubby little thumbs!

2) Next cut a small chunk from the top of the wiener to create the space for the fingernail. Then cut 3 slits to represent the top joint of your finger. If it's a long finger, be sure to slit out the second joint so that it looks like the images below.


3) Next cook your wieners according to package instructions. I did these in 3 batches for roughly 5 minutes each.

4) In the meantime, cut your onion - one layer at a time - into enough 'fingernails' for the number of wieners you have. Then add your onions to the last batch of wieners and boil until translucent. Remove, and allow them to cool slightly.

6) Next comes plating!! Whip out one of your fav Halloween dishes - bonus points for matching your ketchup bowl with your plate - and arrange your cooked wieners. Fill the centre bowl with ketchup for extra dipping, then add a dab of ketchup to each wiener to secure the 'fingernail'.

7) Place the 'fingernails' on each 'finger' then smile giddy-ly to yourself at your fabulous creation... maybe even throw in a Dr. Evil style Muwahaha if you're feeling it!

I received sooo many compliments on these and they were so simple and cheap! They are officially my new favourite Halloween treat! :)

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