Monday, January 13, 2014

Makeshift Lebanese Cheese Pie

Alrighty! Soooo way, way back in March I was sent away to Ottawa for training. It was a 5 day trip (with one day missed courtesy of Newfoundland and it's pea soup fog that week), with training during the day and group outings during the night. We toured Parliament, the War Museum, and even hopped over to Quebec to visit the Sugar Shack (*drool*)!!

All-in-all, it was a great trip! I even got to visit with one of my close friend's Aunt's, who not only picked me up on arrival, but dropped me off at the airport too! And if that wasn't enough, on my last day there, she brought me to a Lebanese bakery to introduce me to my first Cheese Pie!!!

Now, if you've never had Cheese pie, it's DE-LICIOUS!! It's basically bread and cheese warmed in an oven - so in other words, heaven! The only problem I have with Cheese Pie, is the lack of it here in Newfoundland. And despite my friend's aunt bringing me cheese pie on her last 2 trips home ( God love ya ), I wanted more!! Sooo, like any good husband would, Nick made it happen by concocting this makeshift version. I was very doubtful at first, but when I tried it, I was impressed - not exact, but so close! So if you are dying for a bit of Cheese Pie, or you're a fan of cheesy bread concoctions, you should give this a try!

  • Naan Bread 
  • Mozzarella Cheese
  • Salted Butter


1) Set oven on 'Normal' Broil. Then butter your Naan Bread.

2) Cube mozzarella onto the buttered Naan.

3) Heat until the cheese is nice and melty!!

4) Fold in half and enjoy!

And Voila!  Makeshift Cheese Pie. Just for reference, here is a photo of my very first taste!


  1. What a delicious lebanese cheese pie you shared in this post. I love it

  2. I use chopped cheese curds in mine, rather than mozzerella. Gives you that salt without the butter.

    1. What a great idea! I shall have to try that out as well.