Thursday, June 19, 2014

Strawberry and Cake Kebobs

In contrast to my last post, where I shared a hearty and comforting chowder for those chilly evenings, I now bring to you a light and airy treat perfect for those hot summer days. Strawberry and Cake kebobs combine tasty bites of strawberries, and fluffy, oh-so-tasty bits of angel food cake with your favourite topping. You don't even need the topping if you don't want it, but come off it, who wouldn't want a drizzling of chocolate or caramel or honey, even?

Now I can't take full credit for these beauties, as I spied them on Pinterest several months back, but I just had to try them for myself! They require very little effort to make, and to be honest as I was chopping my store-bought cake and strawberries, and taking all the shortcuts, I felt as though I was hosting my own episode of Nigella Express! Such a simple but delicious treat.

  • 1 Angel Food Cake 
  • 1 pkg of Fresh Strawberries 
  • Your favourite topping!


1) Start by removing your cake from the packaging, then cut into even segments.

2) Taking each segment, one at a time, square it off, then dice into 3 even pieces.

3) Next chop your Strawberries

4) Now start skewering!

5) Once skewers are completed, prepare your topping. Heat a few blocks of bar in the microwave to get it to a drizzling state. Set several skewers aside, dip a spoon into your topping and flick it back-and-forth over the skewers, coating them lightly.

If you're making multiple flavours or a combination, repeat the above process. Voila!! Easy-Peasy-Summer-Breezy ;)

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