Friday, November 21, 2014

The Ultimate Fun Foodie-Friendly Gift List Take 3

                                             Santa Claus is Coming to Town - California Raisins

With Christmas day exactly 5 weeks and 6 days from today, it's time for the third installment of The Ultimately Foodie-Friendly Gift Guide!! As in previous years, I have searched the internet for weird and wacky and wonderful items that any foodie/non-foodie would appreciate. And as always, I've included one of my favourite Christmas songs for you to rock out to while scrolling. So without further ado, click play on the masterfully selected California Raisins - Santa Claus is Coming to Town and enjoy your perusing!

Please note, for anyone shopping in St. John's, I've spied many of these gifts in the following stores: Living Planet/Johnny Ruth, Freak Lunchbox and Living Rooms.

Kitchen Armour

Nobody should enter the kitchen without the proper attire. Here are a few places to start!

Who Doesn't LOVE more Cookbooks?!

For those who enjoy a little too much of the Boozy Baker....

And 2 musts for every Newfoundlander:


Mugs to Make your Morning!



Care for a Spot of Tea?


Funny Tees

I need to own this shirt... lol

Cool Kitchen Gadgets and things that'll make MY Kitchen Better than your Kitchen!


For the Practical Folk!

Herb Pots - I actually have one and can attest to how long they keep your fresh cut herbs fresh!

Wilton Spatula - I have not found a spatula like this ever. It is my favourite, I love it! I don't bake without it. One of these days I will post a video so you can see the amazingness in action!!

Ceramic Peeler - I am USELESS when it comes to peeling things - carrots, potatoes, apples, you name it, I suck. That is until I bought this Ceramic Peeler at Stokes. I can now peel like a Boss! 

Re-useable, Cut-to-Size Baking Mats - I use this all of the time when baking or roasting things in the oven. I've even used it in a frying pan that was on its way out, so my eggs wouldn't completely stick on and it was perfect! 

Ravioli Stamp - I just want these, you know, for when I finally make my own ravioli!

Annnnnddd that about sums it up for this year! I hope you've found some ideas. In case you're still stumped, check out The Ultimate Fun Foodie-Friendly Gift Guide 1 and The Ultimate Fun Foodie-Friendly Gift Guide 2! Happy Shopping!! :D

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