Friday, January 18, 2013

Honey Boo Boo's Sketti!

You know how it goes, one minute you're watching Adele's acceptance speech at the Golden Globes and the next you're enthralled by your very first episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo! The only explanation - YouTube and the bizarre little road it leads you down each and every time you watch one simple video!

Having heard so much about the show (both good and bad), and having only seen brief clips on TV, I was intrigued, and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Well... you have to watch it for yourself! There is absolutely nothing to prepare you for this family! I don't think I've laughed/been in shock so much in my life! Despite the pure crass nature of the show, and complete lack of manners, the whole family is nothing but a good time. I'm fascinated. They are loving life and you can tell they all love each other. I have burned through the first season in a couple of days (not sure I'm proud of that), and I have to say, aside from what she feeds her kids (ie: bizarre 'multi-meals'), and how much they're allowed to eat in general (I'm looking at you honey boo boo and that ridiculous amount of food you ordered at that restaurant), June is a great mom! Those kids are having the time of their lives!

Now, you may be wondering what this has to do with a food blog? Well, in one of the very first episodes I watched, June prepared some 'Sketti' for supper. That may sound normal and all, but if you've watched the episode you know what I'm talking about! Sketti, to the Honey Boo Boo clan, means spaghetti coated in a butter & ketchup sauce. Yeap. You read that right, and I can see you screwing up your face - just like I did! Check out the video to see for yourself:

Bizarre right?! In the meantime, since I'm half ridiculous, and very curious when it comes to food these days, I thought why not give it a go! What's the worst that could happen?

Soooo while making some, somewhat nutritious spaghetti and spaghetti meat sauce, I prepped a small sample of 'sketti sauce' in the microwave. The verdict?: Not the worst thing I've eaten. It wasn't bad actually. I don't foresee me making this again, just because I already eat enough crap as it is. But I do think 'sketti'-bashers need to calm down. No, it's not a nutritious meal, but it's really no different than eating anything deep fried, filled with sugar or full of fat. Not to mention, if you have a-Google, you'll find June's not the only one making this sauce.

Anywho, for those of you interested, here you go, the infamous recipe:

  • Equal parts Butter & Ketchup
1) Place together in a bowl and microwave until melted. Stir together and serve over 'sketti'.

WARNING: Eat at your own Health Risk ;)

Also, I should note, I forgot to take a pic of the sample sketti I prepared yesterday; therefore, this was my dinner today :o I know! Apologies to my hips & arse for this one.

Kinda looks like KD spaghetti from back in the day! But it's actually a little more orange in person.

And that's it from me! This one's for you Sugar Bear, now you know exactly what June puts in her Sketti Sauce, and it doesn't include mustard! Now, if you'll kindly excuse me, I must go work out...

Food Diva


  1. This may be my favorite post yet! I can't believe that you made this, it's hilarious!

    1. I'll have you watching everything I do yet - you're just a slight hop away from PLL and TVD I tells ya!

  2. Bah hahahaha! I love honey boo boo! Not going to lie... I may try this out. ;)

  3. Hahaha! I use a heaping tablespoon of butter to my spaghetti sauce, and hubby loves it! I am a Northern girl who married a Southern boy, and didn't know Southerners like that. But instead of Ketchup, how about trying tomato sauce (you can use homemade instead of canned if you prefer, i have done both) and butter? i used that on my daughter, and hubby gladly woofed it when there was no money for spaghetti sauce or fresh tomatoes, but we had canned tomato sauce. :)

    1. hmmm... the next time I make this I just might use tomato sauce! I think the ketchup I have might be too sweet, so I can't get the right taste. It's still good though! lol Thanks for the tip :)