Monday, July 9, 2012

Eggs Benedict - Check!

Hey Everyone, I'm happy to report I've just crossed another item off my Food List Challenge - Eggs Benedict. Now you may be wondering how I've gone this long without trying it, and after devouring it this morning I'm wondering the same! Truth is, I didn't think I liked hollandaise sauce... boy was I wrong. The Paula Deen inside of me was jumping for joy as I was cutting more and more butter into the sauce. Overall, I must say it was delish! Though, after messing up one pot of sauce, poaching the eggs (my first time might I add) and ensuring everything was timed properly, the next Eggs Benny I eat will be at a cafe.

With that said, the Eggs Benedict brings me half way to my summer goal for the Food List Challenge: 5 new foods down, 5 new foods to go!

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