Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lighthouse Picnics - Ferryland, NL

As I sit here sipping my tea, staring out the window at the first dreary day in weeks, I'm wishing I were back in Ferryland, sitting on the cliffs, enjoying a Lighthouse Picnic.

The Lighthouse Picnic is something the hubby and I have wanted to do for ages now, and it's something I've personally wanted to do since first seeing it on 'Places to Go with Sharon Snow', way back when it first opened.

So after years of hearing nothing but great reviews, and working through photo envy of friends who have gone, we finally got around to booking our own picnic. I gotta say, we loved it! The Lighthouse Picnic is definitely something to be experienced by everyone, whether you're from the province or just visiting. 

Getting There 

For those of you wondering where exactly you find Ferryland, it's about an hour's drive outside of St. John's. Some may look at this as 'out of the way', but it's definitely worth the trip and such a lovely drive. You literally pass through about a dozen picturesque communities and drive by such incredible coastal views that you lose track of time and arrive at your destination before you know it. Actually, I would highly recommend tacking some buffer time onto your driving schedule so you can enjoy the scenic drive.

Once you arrive in Ferryland, the lighthouse is one of the first things you see, making it super easy to find your way there (it also helps that there's really only the one main road in the town).

Once you reach the dirt road to the lighthouse, find parking nearby and take the time to walk the 25 minute trail. I really think this is just as much a part of the experience as the picnic itself. Cars can fit up the road, but it's extremely narrow and only wide enough for one car for the majority of the trail.  There is a parking lot halfway up to the lighthouse, but again, I highly recommend the full hike.

In the meantime, we couldn't have asked for a better day. It was warm and sunny with a slight breeze to keep us cool as we hiked. Another tip: add some buffer time to your 25 minute walk - we kept our pace up and it took us that or longer, plus you may want to stop and take in the view every now and then.

The Picnic

Alrighty! Enough about getting there, what's the picnic like??

Well my friends, each picnic comes complete with a sandwich, small salad, fresh squeezed lemonade and dessert! There is a kids menu available, as well as an 'afternoon tea' option for those looking for a lighter lunch.

Once you've ordered your picnic, you're handed a blanket and a flag - the flag acts as your order number. This was a really nice touch I thought, because rather than wait inside the stuffy, small lighthouse while someone yelled numbers for pickup, we were able to sit outside and determine where we wanted to eat, while a friendly lighthouse worker brought our basket right to us.

Note: From reading their Facebook wall & their website, it's clear they can accommodate any dietary restrictions as long as they are advised in advance - including gluten-free options.

Hubby waiting with our flag
The Menu

Our glorious Picnic!

The Sandwiches:

Lighthouse Picnic Sandwiches are made on homemade molasses bread. So light and fluffy and a perfect pairing with the sandwich ingredients. I had the curried chicken with fresh mango and sliced almonds, while Nick had the chutney-glazed ham with brie and green apple.

The Lighthouse Salad:

Not only does this baby sound good, but it tastes good! The menu described it as 'orzo, red onion and peppers dressed in white wine vinegar, honey and parmesan'. But look at the picture! It's a thing of beauty. We spent the entire time eating, trying to determine what other ingredients were in it so we could replicate it at home!

The Desserts:

The desserts were listed on a separate chalk board that allowed you to mix and match whatever you please with your lunch. Nick went with the apple cake (silly man) and I went for none other than the chocolate ganache cake. Ohmygod was it ever good! Possibly the best cake I've ever eaten, no joke. I managed to share a small mouthful with Nick so he could understand my reaction, and he too thought it was great. Having said that, the apple cake was really good too, but in my world, the chocolate takes the cake... (see what I did there? ha!)

Aside from the mouth watering food, there's the gorgeous Newfoundland scenery.

On our hike back to the lighthouse.

The people in this photo help give you a sense of the size of the picnic area. Easy to find privacy.

Saturday Afternoon well spent :)

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our first Lighthouse Picnic experience. This will definitely not be our last visit. What a treat!


  1. You just described everything I felt that day my fiancé and I went last year.
    The scenery was beautiful and picturesque. A little breezy as well, to help keep one not so hot and warm.
    I, also had the ham and brie... was sooo delish.. and the salad? Awesome.
    We look forward to going again sometime this summer
    Btw, Ur blog and pics does it justice for sure.

    1. Thanks so much! We loved it, need to try to get it in again this summer!!