Thursday, November 1, 2012

What to do with leftover Halloween Chocolates?!

It doesn't say much for me, that my husband came home to an empty cauldron of treats and assumed without a doubt that I ate them all... it's not like there were 5 missing... there were like 40 or more gone! lol

In the meantime, he was relieved to find out I hadn't fully lost my will, and was pretty impressed at what I had come up with! So without further ado, I present to you the discovery of the century, the realization that will rock your world! The solution that will prevent you from munching yourself into tight-fitting-used-to-fit-perfect-pants, the answer to the age-old question 'What do I do with all of these leftover treats?!'

You know just as well as I do that putting them in your 'baking cupboard' just sets you up for failure at a later date, and bringing the leftovers to work just means you'll need to resist them there, while being cursed on by co-workers who are also trying to resist the urge to eat their face off. This is your safest bet.

Just divide all your chocolates by flavour, unpackage them (without eating them), then pulse them, a few at a time, in a blender until they reach the desired consistency. It's that simple. Now you have crumbled treats that you won't eat, that can serve a purpose in an endless list of desserts like ice cream sundaes, homemade blizzards, cheesecake crust, cakes, cookies, and so much more! 

Today I feel like a genius, like I've just cracked the code of the universe or're on your own if you have leftover chips ;)

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