Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Betty-Lou's Blueberry Roly-Poly

There are a million ways to use blueberries in the kitchen. Whether you add them to your cereal, pop them in your yogurt, bake them into muffins, or throw them into a delectable dessert, they're completely versatile and let's not forget absolutely Delicious!! One of my favourite ways to eat fresh blueberries is to bake up a batch of blueberry squares, I could literally eat the full tray myself. Unfortunately... or fortunately (I haven't quite decided yet), I've discovered another irresistible blueberry dessert I could also polish off myself: my mother-in-law's Blueberry Roly-Poly. This is my father-in-law's favourite blueberry recipe, and is always his main request come blueberry season. I completely understand why! I'm hooked.

Monday, September 22, 2014

London Vacation with all them Foodie Highlights!

That first week back after vacation is always the hardest. You've just finished a slice of that rich and famous lifestyle and the taste is still lingering as you return to your everyday routine. You post some pictures to your social media, share the stories of your trip with friends and family, and start easing yourself ever-so-gingerly back into reality. 

Fast forward just over a month back, and your trip feels like it was a year ago! That's where I am today. The last five weeks have been a blur of getting back into the routine of work (a particularly busy time at work, I might add), plus squeezing in a few final road trips before the inevitable end of summer.

Before I forget all of the fabulous tasty bits and highlights from our trip, I wanted to share them in a quick recap. There was so much awesome to see and eat, I could've spent the entire summer in London and still not have experienced it all.