Thursday, February 5, 2015

Copycat PK's Pizza Fingers

I can picture it now, lunch time at my old elementary school. Dozens of kids would swarm to the main entrance to find delivery guys from the local restaurants arriving with bags of take-out. Believe me when I say, there was nothing more exciting than waiting for your name to be called. Now, it was pretty rare for me to get in on this action, as my mom usually packed my lunch, but on the wonderful occasions that I did, there was only one thing I would request - pizza fingers and fries from PK's!

Roughly two decades later, I'm still smitten with pizza fingers. So smitten that I just had to try my best to replicate the recipe at home. My first few attempts, while tasty, weren't quite right. They were baked (because I didn't own a deep frier) and leaked a lot as they cooked. However, as soon as I got a deep frier for Christmas, I was able to test them the way they were intended. I'll be honest, when I took that first bite of my legit deep fried pizza finger, my 8 year old self lost it. I had succeeded!