Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Enchilada Pizza

What a crazy-wonderful-busy-fun summer I've been having! Lots of cake baking, party planning... more cake baking, traveling, beach fires, camp fires, BBQs and relaxation with friends and family. All the things that make summers so much fun! Now... in the midst of all that, I'm just a litttttle bit guilty of neglecting all of you - it's been over a month since my last post :O But have no fear, with summer winding down, and a back-log of posts ready to write and share, that stops now! Starting with this yum-tastic recipe, Enchilada Pizza!

This recipe is a result of 3 things:
#1. Realizing beans aren't so bad after all (especially when re-fried)
#2. Going through a brief Mexican food obsession
#3. Having pizza dough on hand but not wanting my usual goat cheese/sundried tomato/bacon/balsamic glaze version (which is pretty awesome too... just saying).

Anywho, after adjusting the amounts of certain ingredients, and giving it several taste tests, I can proudly post this to my blog. I love it and so does the hubby! I think I surprised him with this one, so yummy and so filling!