Saturday, January 31, 2015

My Year in Food 2014

So despite my efforts, it seems I've waited til the very last day in January to share my year in food. To be honest, I'm not sure what happened to January, but I am sure of two things: #1 The Steve Miller Band totally nailed it in Fly Like an Eagle, cuz let me tell you, 'Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin, into the future...' and #2, I have been all kinds of slack with my blog these past couple of months!

Nevertheless, I have still been running around seizing foodie adventures and enjoying lots of delicious foods, a.k.a. stuffing my face and loving every minute of it! Overall, 2014 was pretty great - we spent loads of time with family and friends, vacationed in London, experienced some new dishes and enjoyed some foodie firsts - just what a good 'Year in Food' needs.

For 2015, I wish for the same. I'd also like to carry forward a few of my foodie resolutions from last year including my plan to cook more often without a recipe (so far, so good!). I'd also like to retry my Nan's bread recipe - I want to master it! Or at least succeed with it... lol. And finally, a resolution I always have - to get out to more restaurants I've had my eye on (Chinched, I'm looking at you!).

But for now, I would like to share my 2014 Year in Food. If you enjoy this, I encourage you to check out My Year in Food 2013 and My Year in Food 2012 for many more drool-worthy moments ;)