Saturday, May 19, 2012

May 2-4 Checklist

The preparations for the glorious May 2-4 weekend are underway, and tomorrow afternoon my friends and I will head out around the bay to celebrate. For most of the province, it's become a tradition to head to a cabin to ring in the unofficial start of summer. This means booze, buddies and bbq - quite the fantastic combination! Tonight I ran out with some of the gang to prep for the grub portion of the weekend. Below is a photo I snapped of only a portion of the food we'll be bringing.

Water, Gatorade, Wieners, Bacon, Steaks, Hamburgers, Hamburger/Hot Dog Buns, Toutin Dough, Mini Potatoes, Salad/Salad Dressing, Jiffy Pop, Cheese Slices, Munchies, Pizzaronis, Pizza, Instant Coffee, Bread, Smart Pop, Strawberries, Kraft Dinner, Orange Juice and Mini Donuts. Missing from photo: Bologna, Fruit Tray, More Steaks, Condiments, and Ice!

If you're headed out tomorrow as well, here's a quick breakdown of May 2-4 Essentials. 
  1. Dranks
  2. BBQ'in Food
  3. Snacks!
  4. Brunch Supplies
  5. Campfire Goodies

1)  Dranks

Alcohol Beverages
Let's start with the most important beverage of the weekend - you must determine your alcohol of choice and ensure you have enough to last for the duration of your trip. Keep in mind, it might be hard to find a nearby gas station or liquor store!

Hydrating Beverages

If your group is anything like mine, you'll be exploring the area around your cabin which means lots of hiking and other random activities in the sun. If that's the case be sure to bring lots of water and/or sporting drinks to keep yourself hydrated. You're only asking for trouble if you use booze to quench your thirst! Not to mention you'll be happy to have something non-alcoholic should your mornings turn out a little rough.

Breakfast Beverages
It may be May 2-4 but there are limits, at least start your day with some juice or coffee before you hit the beer again!

2) BBQ'in Food

The May 2-4 BBQ tends to be the first official BBQ of the season with your buddies. Everyone's pumped, crackin' beers and (fingers crossed) enjoying the SUN! Here's a list of what we like to bring.

For the BBQ
  • steaks/chicken/pork (whatever you're into)
  • burgers
  • wieners
  • hot dog & hamburger buns
To have with the BBQ
  • condiments (BBQ sauce, relish, ketchup, honey mustard)
  • salad/salad dressing
  • mini potatoes
  • mushrooms & onions


 3) Snacks!

Everyone has a favourite snack - load up on chips, candy, chocolates and popcorn. Also if the hunger hits you, bring along some munchy food as well like pizzaronis, wings and pizza. When you're drinking you'll want to be snacking so make sure you bring enough to keep everyone happy.


4) Brunch Supplies

Brunch is another wonderful May 2-4 B, and possibly my favourite. Each year we cook up a huge brunch with Bacon, Eggs, Toutins, Hash Browns (left over from the bbq the night before), Diced Fruit and Toast - a complete and utter feed!


5) Campfire Goodies

A May 2-4 celebration isn't complete without a campfire. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate with us at all last year, but this year it's lookin good. Don't forget to bring Jiffy pop, giant marshmallows and some extra wienies for roasting. :)

Well that's it folks! Happy May 2-4 weekend. I hope you have an amazing time kicking off the summer. Please be safe and please enjoy!!!


  1. I just went back through though yo'blog to find this post. It'll be a good reference for this weekend, minus a bit, since there's 5 instead of 8 this time!

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