Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 2-4 Recap

Cheers to May 2-4!

I hope everyone out there enjoyed their May 2-4. I'm happy to report my weekend was one of the best May 2-4's to date! Not only did the weather cooperate this year, but the 'cabin', company and food were also great. Below I've included some lovely food porn, as well as some scenic highlights from the weekend.

Setting the Scene

We stayed at an absolutely gorgeous vacation home and were in no way 'roughin it' in typical May 2-4 style; however, we were far away from the city and surrounded by nature - just the way we like it!

The view as I lounged in the hammock

Port Blandford, NL in all its beauty

We flew a kite... til we caught it in a tree...

Skipping rocks in the ocean

So peaceful

The Big Feed

Once we were all settled into our weekend home, we immediately fired up the grill. Day 1 is typically the most intense BBQ-fest and this year was no different - steak, chicken, wieners, potatoes, sidekicks and salad.

...and the grilling begins!

Ready to eat!

My plate - BBQ Steak, Steamed Baby Spuds, BBQ Wiener and Salad

Two Fires!

Nothing beats sitting under the stars on a warm night with a fire crackling in front of you. Throw in a few marshmallows and roasted wienies, some beers and close friends and you've got yourself a good time. Possibly one of my favourite parts of the weekend - so glad we got out for a fire both nights.

I only wish my camera could have captured the sky once the stars were out in full force

The Big Breakfast

As I mentioned in my May 2-4 Checklist, the big breakfast is probably the most anticipated meal of the weekend - this year we had taters, toutins, bologny, bacon and eggs.

Prepping the potatoes

Toutins ready for the pan

Bologny frying
Bacon Soup
Everything coming along nicely

Final touches - crisping up the bacon and finishing the scrambled eggs

The money shot! Toutins, Bologny, Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, and Taters

BBQ Part 2

Our Day 2 BBQ tends to go back to basics, and this year it was no different. Nothing but burgs and wiens. I enjoy this photo because it looks like we're feeding 20 people, but nope, just 8!

'Fancy' wiens, cheap wiens and delicious Burgs

My plate - Yummy BBQ Burger, BBQ Wiener and Side Salad

As you can see it was a great weekend. Other memorable weekend moments include:
  • 'toutin mountain'
  • the search for 24 flavour ice cream
  • a brief trip back to childhood on a deserted playground in Cville
  • accidentally taking the long section of a hiking trail & getting slightly lost
  • the amazing new card game of 15's
  • getting eaten alive by mosquitoes
 All in all, couldn't have asked for a better weekend!

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  1. Reading this made me:

    A. Hungry
    B. Really excited for this weekend.

    Is it Saturday yet?!