Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wingin' It with the friends!

Tonight was my friend Josh's birthday, to celebrate we took him to the restaurant of his choice: Wingin' It. He'd never been and wanted to try it out, and let's be honest, what better way to spend your birthday than eating wings and drinking beer?

Now I'd been there once before and the food was pretty good, so I was happy to go again. Not to mention, they have 93 flavours of wings so there's lots to try! 

See! 93 flavours!

The first time there, I went with my hubby and my bestie, we each ordered a flavour, then shared them around. This time, in an effort to try even more flavours, my hubby and I each ordered a wing sampler, that's a total of 8 flavours! This worked out to about 4 pounds of wings between us (which we weren't anticipating), on top of a side of bacon fries (Nick just had to have), and an appetizer of fried pickles (my first ever!). Needless to say we brought home just as much, if not more than we ate at the restaurant!

Deep fried pickles

One of our taster plates.

We opted for these flavours:
  • Delta: BBQ & Pineapple Curry
  • Electric Jet: BBQ & Honey Mustard 
  • Dogfight: Caribbean Jerk & Pineapple Curry
  • Caribou: Maple & Honey Garlic
  • Gut Bomb: Maple and Garlic 
  • Commando: Mesquite and Honey Garlic
  • Touch & Go: Honey Garlic and Caribbean Jerk
  • Mayday: Caesar and Parmesan 

To be honest, although ordering 8 flavours seemed like a smart idea, when we actually received the wings we had no idea which flavour was which. The server was really helpful but I forget things really quickly, so after 2 minutes and 3 wings, I had no idea what I was eating anymore (the marketer inside of me felt each pile of wings should have been branded with its name on an aviation themed flag, but that's just me...).

Anywho, the main reason for this post wasn't to tell you about Josh's birthday (it was a good time), or to provide you with a mini review of Wingin' It (we enjoyed our wings), it was to share the news that I can now scratch another dish from My Food List - Jerk Chicken! Photographic evidence below of me eating the Caribbean Jerk flavoured wing. That's 3 dishes down, 7 to go!

Gnawing on some jerk chicken


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