Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Food List Challenge Pledge

Have you seen this on FB? 'The Food List Challenge'? It's supposedly a list of foods that qualify you as a foodie. Seems like an odd mix of things to be honest - some of the things on here seem legit, but dishes like Frito Pie? Moon Pie? and Hostess Fruit Pie? leave me a little skeptical of its authenticity and makes me think someone thought 'oh man this needs to be a list of 100 not 86, quick think of some random foods...'. To be honest, I question the credibility of the list and would much rather see the 'must eat' list put together by the food network chefs instead... I have a funny feeling Pocky wouldn't make the cut!

My Food List Challenge results as of June 2, 2012

Nevertheless, I'm disappointed with my score (27?!?! what the?). I realize I'm still relatively new to the whole foodie world, but I really thought I'd do better than 27! You see I've always loved food (obviously), but for the most part stuck to what I knew. It's only been the past couple of years that I've really started to explore and enjoy new foods. In fact, my first taste of sushi was a little over 2 years ago and the same for Indian food. I guess growing up in a small town, on an island, on the east coast of Canada didn't help things. It's not like I could walk a block to the nearest sushi joint - it was more like drive 3 hours to the only city. Even then, sushi was most definitely not at the top of my family's list of things to eat.

In the meantime, after reading this list I'm inspired to go out and try some of the foods I haven't seemed to have gotten around to (if not just for my own personal enjoyment, but to also improve my foodie standing amongst FB friends who've also taken the challenge).

The pledge I make today (Saturday, June 2, 2012), is that by the end of August (Friday, August 31st, 2012), I will have checked a minimum of 10 additional dishes off my foodie list. I challenge you to do the same!

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