Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Alligator - Check!

Last night for supper, I crossed another item from my Food List Challenge - Alligator! After questioning my Twitter followers on how to cook it (I live in Newfoundland and we definitely don't have gators here), to which the response was to make fritters (I purposely don't own a deep-fryer because I would deep-fry everything!),  and some online research, to which the overwhelming response was to cook it any way I would cook chicken, I decided on Cajun Alligator Rotini Alfredo (an altered version of Cajun Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo). Sounds good right?!

All the way from Louisiana!

Gator in the wok, coated in Cajun seasoning and frying away!
So the result? I liked it - tasted a lot like chicken, maybe a little like pork? but mostly chicken! It's not something I would buy regularly, but I would never turn it down. With that said, I'm definitely interested in trying the fritter version, but I guess that shall have to wait until I'm vacationing in the states some day.

Photographic evidence:

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