Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Recipes from Home

When I left for University and moved to the city, my mom gave me one of the best gift's a mother could give - a personalized cookbook of recipes from home! This 3 subject exercise book, divided into sections of meals, desserts and miscellaneous, included all of my favourite recipes from home, each of them handwritten with love by my mom. Even though I couldn't bring her with me to cook them all, at least I could have a taste of home any time I started to feel homesick.

Below is a selection of photos I snapped of my beloved book which I still use on a regular basis 8 years later! I've even added some of my own recipes over the years and consider it one of my prized possessions in the kitchen. As you will see, you can tell which recipes are popular by the stains on the pages ;)

Some of the pages even have magazine clippings!
A must for Pancake Night! Find recipe here.

Beef & Broccoli - I will be posting the recipe for this soon!
Blueberry Pudding - Best boiled pudding in the world! Find recipe here.
So as Fall approaches and the temperatures cool off and we bid farewell to summer and hello to routine, I encourage you to prepare one of these books. Whether you have someone leaving for college or university, studying abroad, working abroad or anything that takes them away from your kitchen table, I promise you they will love it! I know I do! :)

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